At Future Generation Dance Academy we pride ourselves on providing quality teaching at affordable prices. All teachers have years of experience in teaching and enjoy the interaction with the students. All students are given the same opportunities to participate at different types of events. Our class numbers are quite small so that all students are given the attention required to reach their full potential.

Children start the year by learning the relevant grade syllabi for their genre with the opportunity to show what they have learnt to an examiner in September of each year. They also have the opportunity to do a syllabi grade competition, eisteddfods, scholarships, public performances and participate at our end of year dance production which is held in December of each year at the St Mary’s Band Club. All of this is optional.

Before our end of year production we give your child the opportunity to have a photo taken in their costumes by a professional photographer either on their own but also in their group. You are then given the opportunity to purchase these photos at our end of year productions. They are already printed and ready to take home on the night.

After our concert we have a presentation where all children receive a participation trophy for the year and a medallion for students who excel in exams. We also present our perpetual trophies that a child keeps for a period of 12 months then returns to the studio. The winner of one of these trophies also receives another trophy to keep as a reminder of receiving a perpetual trophy.

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